What to Look For

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) are species that enter into new ecosystems and spread, causing damage to native species and their habitants. These species are spread beyond their normal distribution, often as a result of human activities, and can threaten valuable environmental, agricultural or personal resources by the damage they cause.
Oyster Drill (Urosalpinx cinera)
Urosalpinx cinerea, this snail is endemic to the Atlantic coast of North America, from Nova Scotia to Florida.
●    Yellow or grey in colour, often with irregular brown spots
●    Long, cone-shaped shell up to 4 cm high and 2 cm wide with a sharp pointed tip
●    Lives from low tide to a depth of 25 feet
●    Extremely damaging to the oyster and clam fisheries
●    When they occur in great numbers, they can decimate entire oyster and clam beds